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What is SQR?

SQR, from Oracle Corp., is a powerful and flexible programming language.

SQR generates presentation-quality reports for distribution through the web or via various file formats. While best known for its robust enterprise reporting capabilities, it also provides general-purpose procedural programming functionality useful for high-volume database/file access and updates. SQR runs on multiple database and operating system platforms.

Ownership of SQR has passed through a long series of companies. It was eventually acquired by Hyperion Solutions Corp.  In 2007, Hyperion was acquired by Oracle Corp.  SQR and programs developed using SQR are also delivered with PeopleSoft solutions. PeopleSoft, which was also acquired by Oracle, purchased rights to the SQR source code and maintained its own version of SQR. Almost all of the SQR coding-related information here and elsewhere on the internet will apply to both versions.

The PeopleSoft version is not sold separately. The name "SQR" has been largely retired from the Hyperion version; it is now simply a part of Oracle Production Reporting.

The name "SQR" is generally no longer used by Oracle for the Hyperion version; it is now part of Oracle Production Reporting, formerly Hyperion System 9 BI+. "SQR" is still commonly used for the PeopleSoft version.

Steven Alexander has written an extensive history of SQR and the characters surrounding it: 1984-1999 1999-2009


SQR how-to, tips, code and discussion

Yahoo! Groups > PeopleSoft-Fans Group
A moderated email list covering PeopleSoft topics, including SQR for PeopleSoft.

SQR Users Group > SQR-Users List
An active email list for SQR programming questions. Page also links to archives of past discussion topics.

SQR Users Group > Library
Sample code and tools.

PeopleSoft SQR
Blog by Steven Alexander covering both PeopleSoft-related and general SQR topics.

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SQR reference

Hyperion Production Reporting (SQR) Language Reference
Designing Reports with The Production Reporting Language
Language and developer references for the current Hyperion version of SQR.

PeopleBooks > SQR Language Reference for PeopleSoft
PeopleBooks > SQR for PeopleSoft Developers
The PeopleBooks library contains the reference for the current PeopleSoft version of SQR, plus other related PeopleSoft components such as Process Scheduler.

SQR programmer's reference card
A comprehensive syntax reference for versions 2.x-11.1.1.
Version-specific reference cards:   2.x   2.x-3.x   2.x-4.x   2.x-5.x   2.x-6.x   2.x-8.x   2.x-9.x



Oracle Technology Network
Oracle's technical directory.

SQL Server Developer Center
Microsoft's technical directory for SQL Server.

DB2 Technical Resources
IBM's technical directory for DB2 UDB.

Sybase Developer Network
Sybase's technical directory.


SQR-related publications

SQR in PeopleSoft and Other Applications Second Edition: PeopleSoft v.8
By Galina Landres and Vlad Landres

SQR Programmer Reference, Second Edition
By Don Mellen

PeopleSoft 8.4 SQR Cheat Sheet
By Joseph Weessies

Related Titles

Essential Guide to PeopleSoft Development and Customization
By Tony DeLia, Galina Landres, Isidor Rivera and Prakash Sankaran

PeopleSoft HRMS Reporting
By Adam T. Bromwich


SQR tools

SP Debugger for SQR
A GUI-based, interactive SQR debugger.

SQR Express
A full-featured Integrated Development Environment designed specifically for SQR programmers.

Axis Computer Consulting Services > Downloads > Source Code > SQR/SQC
A number of SQR tools for printing, creating SQL, and scanning PeopleSoft databases.

Ray Ontko & Co. > Library > SQR Library
Editor configuration files, SQR utilities, SQR procedure libraries and links.

PSoftPros > Scripts > SQR Page 1 | 2 | 3
Many SQR code samples and utilities.

SQR Tools
Includes a function library and two code analyzers, along with other SQR information.

SQR Users Group > Library
Sample code and tools.

SqrParser Plugin for the jEdit Editor
Parses SQR programs to produce a structure tree.

SQR Tree
Produces an expandable tree of procedures and included files.

SQR to XML Spreadsheet
Library of SQR procedures to create Excel spreadsheets (including formulas and cell formatting) from within SQR programs.


Consultants and integrators

SparkPath Technologies, Inc.
Provides PeopleSoft and SQR technical development and support.


Contracting and employment

Yahoo! Groups > SQR Jobs Group
A less-active, unmoderated email list for posting SQR-related resumes, project announcements, job announcements, help-wanted and work-wanted ads.


Getting started with SQR

The SQR Evangelist
Why use SQR? One guru's experiences. Ask the SQR Evangelist.

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